That Man Is You!

15 Sep 2015 - 05:00



THAT MAN IS YOU!  Year 3 “Revelation of the Father”

In brief, the 3rd year of TMIY! is the final step in establishing a man’s leadership role in his family and will teach men how to lay a foundation for the future. The material will focus on the true dignity of the heart of a father. It will address the four types of formation necessary for fathers to form their children. It will review the parenting method given by a saint and proven effective with the most difficult children and will relate this method to the 7 Steps of TMIY. Finally, the program will show a vision of how St. Joseph is a true Man after God’s own Heart.

We will begin on September 15th at 5:00 am in the church hall with breakfast served at that time, then video at 5:30, and finally small groups at 6:00-630. There is no cost for men to attend and we invite all to sign up on the weekends of 9/13, and 9/20. For more information contact Dr. Darrin Menard at

Session 1 of the Thirteen Fall Sessions:

The Revelation of the Father–focuses on men in their roles as fathers and will present competing images of fatherhood prevalent in modern culture.